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Haj Pilgrims Death: 22 pilgrims who went to Saudi Arabia for Haj pilgrimage died, dead bodies were seen on the roadside, people said – Doomsday has come.

Haj pilgrims Death: This time the heat has wreaked havoc during Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, at least 22 Haj pilgrims have died. After the continuously increasing number of deaths, the arrangements of the Saudi government have been exposed, and people from all over the world are making serious allegations against the Saudi government. Some such videos have gone viral on social media, in which dead bodies can be seen lying on the roadside under the scorching sun. Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry has confirmed more than 2700 cases of heatstroke during the Hajj pilgrimage.

Jordan’s news agency reported on Sunday that 14 people from Saudi Arabia who had gone on Hajj pilgrimage have died due to heatstroke. A video is going viral on social media, in which dead bodies are seen lying on the roadside and in the divider. At present, these videos have not been officially confirmed yet. Egyptian pilgrim Aja Hamid Brahim, 61, told AFP that she saw bodies lying on the roadside, saying it seemed as if apocalypse had arrived in the kingdom.

Dead bodies lying on the roadside in Saudi
People are criticizing Saudi Arabia on social media for the large number of deaths in Saudi Arabia and the subsequent mismanagement of dead bodies. A video of dead bodies lying on the roadside has been shared on an While Saudi promotes Islamic tourism and earns billions. The temperature of the mosque is 51.8 degrees Celsius.
Saudi Meteorological Department said that on Monday the temperature of Mecca’s Grand Mosque was recorded at 51.8 degrees Celsius. Pilgrims circumambulate at this place. At the same time, the temperature of Meena located near the Grand Mosque was 46 degrees Celsius. At this place, Hajj pilgrims perform the ritual of stoning the devil on three concrete walls. At this place, people were seen pouring water from bottles on their heads due to the heat. The ritual of stoning the devil is considered the last step of the Hajj pilgrimage, after which the Hajj pilgrimage ends.