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Kamala Harris can do wonders compared to Biden, a big thing came out in CNN’s survey

Washington: Political temperature is rising in America regarding the presidential election. Presidential elections are to be held here on November 5 this year. Before the election, there was a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties. In this debate, Trump was seen dominating Biden. After this debate, there has been a discussion that Joe Biden should withdraw from the presidential race. Meanwhile, a survey has also come out in which a big thing has been said.

US Presidential Polls:VP Kamala Harris has a better chance of retaining  White House than Joe Biden, says CNN poll

What does the survey say

If American Vice President Kamala Harris of Indian-African origin contests the presidential election, then she is more likely to win than Joe Biden. This has been said in a recent survey by ‘CNN’. Biden’s (81) approval rating as the country’s next president has fallen after his disappointing performance in the debate with former President Donald Trump in Atlanta last week.

Other candidates should get a chance

After the first debate between Biden and Trump before the presidential election, there has been a demand in the ruling Democratic Party that Biden should step back and give a chance to another candidate from the party for the presidential election to be held on November 5.

Kamala Harris, not Joe Biden, has better chance of winning against Donald  Trump: CNN poll - India Today

Here is the face-to-face contest

According to a CNN survey, Trump is six points ahead of Biden in terms of popularity. The survey also conducted a survey on a hypothetical contest between Harris and Trump, according to which 47 percent of registered voters support Trump while 45 percent support Kamala Harris, meaning that if they face each other, the contest will be close.

What did Biden say

Meanwhile, Biden blamed fatigue caused by his recent foreign tours for his disappointing performance in the debate. He said during an event in Washington DC, “I did not act smartly. I decided to travel around the world shortly before the debate. I did not listen to the advice of my support staff and then I almost fell asleep on stage.”