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Macron’s alliance is at second place in the French parliamentary elections, what will happen next?

The far-right party National Rally could not come to power in the French parliamentary elections.

The National Rally was successful in the first phase. But when it came to the second phase of voting, the attitude of the people was different. This happened in the presidential election as well.

The alliance led by the National Rally is at third place and is seen getting 150 seats, whereas a week ago 300 seats were being estimated. However, as a party, the ‘National Rally’ is at the first place in the election.

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This happened due to two reasons. First – voters voting in large numbers, second – the alliance of other parties to stop the National Rally.

What will change in France with these election results and how does the political system of this country seem to be changing?

The political system of France itself has changed

Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen says, “The left parties suddenly forgot all their differences and formed a new anti-National Rally alliance. Macron supporters and leftists also forgot their differences.”

This right-wing party believes that nothing unites these leaders except opposition to the National Rally. In such a situation, future disagreements can cause problems.

Despite all these arguments, the fact is clear.

Most people do not like the extreme right.

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There can be two reasons for this.

First – not liking the ideas of the right wing.

Second – fear of unrest due to the extreme right wing coming to power.

In such a situation, if National Rally Party leader Jordan Bardella is not the next Prime Minister of the country, then who will be?