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New Moon 2023 FW13: Scientists found Earth’s new moon, revolving across the Solar with Earth

New Moon 2023 FW13: New analysis retains coming day by day about our photo voltaic system. Lately, scientists have found a brand new asteroid, which is revolving across the Solar on the identical velocity because the Earth. This asteroid has been named 2023 FW13. Scientists have known as this asteroid a half-moon or half satellite tv for pc, as a result of this asteroid is revolving across the Solar in the identical time-frame because the Earth. At present, scientists have discovered that this asteroid is below the stress of Earth’s gravity. This 15 meter diameter asteroid is current at a distance of about 14 million kilometers from Earth.

Earth's new moon? Astronomers find 'quasi-moon' orbiting our planet

Scientists noticed this moon for the primary time on March 28, 2023 with the assistance of a telescope. The telescope was positioned on prime of an inactive volcano on the island of Hawaii. Aside from the aerial telescopes of Canada and France, two observatories in Arizona have additionally confirmed the existence of this asteroid. On April 1, the Minor Planet Heart on the Worldwide Astronomical Union listed this planet. This group is answerable for itemizing all of the planets and objects present in our photo voltaic system.

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Asteroid orbiting the Solar on the velocity of Earth

To get extra details about 2023 FW13, astronomer Adrian Coffinet mapped its path, for which an orbit simulator was used. This simulator was developed by astronomer Tony Dunn. This analysis revealed that this asteroid is orbiting the Solar on the identical velocity because the Earth. Though this planet can also be orbiting the Earth, Coffinet has named it as a half-moon. Scientists have estimated that this asteroid has been orbiting the Earth since not less than 100 BC.

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Asteroid hovering near Earth
In keeping with scientists, regardless that this asteroid is orbiting the Earth together with the Solar, there is no such thing as a risk of it colliding with the Earth. At present, scientists have accepted that it’s hovering very near the Earth and it’s the longest semi-satellite of the Earth recognized until date.