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Pakistan was shouting ‘Kashmir-minority’ in UN, India reprimanded it strongly

New York: India has strongly reprimanded Pakistan on the platform of the United Nations. In fact, ever since Pakistan has been elected as a temporary member of the United Nations Security Council, its statements about India have increased. In such a situation, it is using every platform to spew venom against India. In such a situation, India has silenced Pakistan by giving a befitting reply. Pakistan had raised the issue of the rights of minorities in India during a meeting of the United Nations. It also accused of atrocities on Muslims in Kashmir. After this, India silenced Pakistan by giving a befitting reply on the same platform.

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What did India say about Pakistan

After this, India’s legal advisor in the United Nations, Kajal Bhat, gave a befitting reply and strongly reprimanded Pakistan. She strongly criticized Pakistan in the United Nations and said that it is a country that constantly violates the rights of minorities. Kajal also called Pakistan a center of terrorism. He pointed to Pakistan’s shameful history of genocide in East Pakistan, for which it has never apologized.

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Big stains on Pakistan’s reputation

Pakistan is infamous all over the world for the oppression of religious minorities. Since independence, the number of minorities in Pakistan has been continuously decreasing. At present, the situation has reached such a point that only a handful of minorities are left in front of the majority population of Pakistan. Despite this, Pakistani fundamentalists are constantly harassing minority Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Pressure is being put on minorities to convert. Their sisters and daughters are kidnapped. Pakistani police also does not listen to anything of the minorities.