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Philippines bluntly told China, ‘Return the weapons and compensate for the damage to the boats

Manila: The military chief of the Philippines has placed a big demand in front of China. The Philippines has asked China to return the weapons and equipment seized by its coast guards in the disputed coastal area as well as compensate for the damage caused in the attack. Not only this, the Philippines has compared the attack to the incident of piracy in the South China Sea.

Philippines’ allegation

According to Philippine officials, on Monday, Chinese coast guard personnel aboard more than eight motorboats repeatedly hit and climbed two boats of the Philippines Navy. The Chinese coast guard personnel prevented the Philippines Navy personnel from transferring food and other supplies including weapons to the regional post at the Second Thomas Shoal. China also claims this post.

Philippines demands China return rifles and pay for boat damage after  hostilities in disputed sea | KLAS

What did China do

Earlier, Philippine security officials said on Tuesday that after the collision, Chinese personnel seized the boats and damaged them. They also seized navigational equipment, eight M4 rifles and injured several Navy personnel.

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China should compensate for the losses

Philippines Armed Forces Chief General Romeo Brawner Jr. said at a press conference in the western Palawan province, “We demand that China return our rifles and our equipment. We also demand that they compensate for the damage they have caused.”

Philippines accuses Chinese boats of 'dangerous' actions | Today News

China blames Philippines
China blamed the Philippines for the clash, saying that the Philippine personnel ignored its warnings and “encroached” on its territorial waters in the sea.