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Rahul Dravid’s years old ‘wound’ which is now healed

One face of Indian cricket which is often seen as very calm and serious, who always seems focused on his work and even after good results, on whose face only a faint smile floats, is that face of Rahul Dravid.

But on Saturday night, Dravid looked somewhat different from his calm, gentle, serious image. Many cricket fans were also surprised to see Dravid’s enthusiasm while holding the T20 World Cup trophy in his hands.

Rahul Dravid के रहते इन 2 खिलाड़ियों को कोई छू भी नहीं पाता था, लेकिन गंभीर  युंग में सबसे पहले निकाले जाएंगे बाहर

He was shouting in excitement and expressing happiness like a young player while holding that trophy in his hands. Years of waiting were hidden behind his smile…