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Record breaking voting in France, why is this election being called a changer in the direction of history?

The first round of voting for the parliamentary elections is being held in France on Sunday. It is believed that these elections can prove to be historic.

After a good performance in the recently concluded European elections, the far-right is hopeful that they will be able to oust the Macron government of the coalition of centrist parties from power.

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Three weeks ago, after the results of the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron suddenly announced early elections, after which the first round of voting is being held on Sunday.

Candidates who get more than 12.5 percent votes will reach the next round. The next round of voting will be held on July 7.

Record voting has taken place in the first phase of the French parliamentary elections. By 5 pm local time, 60 percent voting took place, which is 20 percent more than the elections held two years ago.