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UK Election: Has PM Rishi Sunak gone out of the minds of Indians living in the UK, what is the reason?

The historic general election in Britain is the first real test for Rishi Sunak at a time when the British-Indian community’s sense of pride in Britain’s first Prime Minister of Indian origin may be secondary to the crisis of livelihood and disappointment with the 14-year rule of the Conservative Party-led government. People participated in the voting process today to elect a new government.

Labour Party leads in the survey

UK elections: Rishi Sunak: Britain's embattled Conservative leader - The  Economic Times

The result will be known only after the counting of votes, but the final survey conducted on a large scale by YouGov for ‘The Times’ on the eve of the election shows that the opposition Labour Party may get a majority. Whatever the final result, but this situation is a reflection of the political turmoil due to which Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister by moving against his own leadership.

Conservative Party’s departure is certain

Sundar Katwala, director of the British Future think tank, said, “I think this election is the same for British Indian voters in particular as for the rest of the voters. They have the option of retaining or removing the government and after 14 years of Conservative government, the mood of the people is much more for change than retaining it.”

Rishi Sunak in 'doom loop': Experts call UK PM 'unpopular', stands lowest  in opinion poll | Today News

Voters of Indian origin disappointed with Sunak

He said, “If the result is not better for Rishi Sunak, I think there will be a feeling of regret and disappointment because there was a lot of pride in him… but people will not choose their voting option on that basis. And that is why I think, most British Indian voters are going to vote for change rather than vote to retain Rishi Sunak, even though they feel proud of his historic achievement of being the first British Prime Minister of Indian heritage.” Which way Sunak’s political future will go will be decided with the final result of the election on Friday.