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US Presidential Election: If Biden withdraws, will Kamala Harris get a chance?

US President Joe Biden has tried to revive his election campaign which seems to be derailed. On Monday, he wrote a letter to the Democrat leaders of Congress saying that he is committed to contest the presidential election again.

But before that, many senior members of the Democratic Party are discussing whether Biden should be removed from the presidential race.

Kamala Harris to replace Joe Biden if he steps down from US presidential  election: Sources | The Tatva

Joe Biden’s performance during the TV debate with former President Donald Trump last week has left behind many serious questions. These questions are related to his health and mental state for the presidential candidacy.

After the interview shown on ABC channel last Friday, the market of speculation on his claim has heated up further. Amidst uncertainties, Biden held two meetings on Sunday in the important state of Pennsylvania.

But Biden’s efforts are not being liked by senior members of his party. There is a debate in the party about how much profit or loss there is in retaining or removing 81-year-old Biden as the candidate.