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USA vs Russia: An antivirus was weakening America from within, Biden found out, then…

The relations between America and Russia have always been bitter. Now this bitterness seems to be increasing. US President Joe Biden has banned Russia’s antivirus software Kaspersky lab in the US.

The reason behind this is said to be the threat from the use of Kaspersky lab. Kaspersky is a cyber security and antivirus software. Its headquarters is in Moscow, Russia. But it is run by a holding company in the United Kingdom. America says that it can steal sensitive information from computers. And can install malware in the system or even block important updates.

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According to the report of Indian Express, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimundo spoke to some reporters on the phone on June 20. During the conversation, Raimundo said,

“Russia has shown that it has companies like Kaspersky to collect personal information of American people. Which they are using as a weapon. And that is why we are forced to take the action we are taking today.”

There has been no response from the Russian Embassy and Kaspersky Lab on this statement of Gina Raimundo. But earlier Kaspersky had said that his company has no connection with the Russian government. Nor are they giving any kind of personal information to anyone.

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According to reports, the sale of Kaspersky software in the US will be banned from July 20. However, the company will be given some time to wind up the business. The Russian multinational company can provide software updates to existing users till September 29.

Kaspersky has long been a target of regulators. In 2017, the Department of Homeland Security banned its flagship antivirus product from federal networks. The department accused it of having ties to Russian intelligence agencies and said Russian law allows intelligence agencies to seek assistance from Kaspersky.