Unleashing Chaos: Delhi-NCR Ravaged by Dust Storm, Lives Lost, Buildings Shattered – Shocking Scenes Unfold


Today, Delhi-NCR, ensconced in the sweltering grip of recent days, bore witness to formidable thunderstorms and rainfall come Friday evening. The tempest brought forth a myriad of tribulations, particularly befalling pedestrians and motorcyclists. Uprooted trees littered various thoroughfares, instigating prolonged traffic snarls. Amidst this tumult, six individuals sustained injuries, while two met their demise as arboreal giants succumbed to the fury of the storm. Structural edifices suffered harm across multiple locales, resulting in seventeen casualties. Notably, an ambulance traversing the Dwarka turn in West Delhi encountered a precarious plight as a signboard tumbled onto its path. Miraculously, no harm befell anyone in this precarious circumstance, promptly necessitating the transfer of the patient to a medical facility via an alternate vehicle. Furthermore, the atmospheric turbulence besieging the national capital and its peripheries wrought havoc, culminating in the collapse of scaffolding erected for the refurbishment of a building in Sector 58 of Noida, thereby inflicting damage upon numerous automobiles.

In anticipation of inclement weather, a yellow alert for precipitation has been issued for the upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Expectant of dusty squalls accompanied by winds gusting at velocities of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour, the forecast augurs for the possibility of sporadic showers. Consequently, the mercury is slated to hover around 39 degrees Celsius, with prognostications hinting at an uptick in the minimum temperature, poised to ascend to 29 degrees Celsius. Should the heavens open, it would herald the inaugural western disturbance of May, heralding a reprieve from the sun-drenched climes that have reigned since Friday’s dawn. The sweltering ardor and heatwave that plagued denizens during the day culminated in a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, juxtaposed against a minimum of 27.7 degrees Celsius, surpassing the seasonal average by three degrees. Notably, the Narela enclave registered as the hotspot, recording a scorching maximum temperature of 40.9 degrees Celsius, with Jafarpur, Najafgarh, Pusa, and the Sports Complex trailing closely behind, each experiencing soaring temperatures surpassing 39 degrees Celsius.