Exposed! Shocking Revelation: The Jaw-Dropping Cost of Snapping a Picture


Orhaan Avatramani, known as Ori, is notably active across various social media platforms. It’s a common sight to come across his presence alongside different luminaries, his images seamlessly woven into the tapestry of celebrity life. Recently, he graced the airwaves of Bharti Singh’s podcast, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of his life journey. Among the anecdotes shared, he disclosed his fees for a single photograph, an insight eagerly awaited by many. In today’s Bollywood landscape, Orhaan Avatramani, or Ori, stands as a prominent figure, carving out a niche for himself within the industry’s echelons. His daily rendezvous with the offspring of stars like Deepika Padukone, Jhanvi Kapoor, and Ananya Pandey has piqued widespread interest in Ori’s endeavors and persona. Despite Ori’s recurrent discussions about his livelihood, whether on platforms like Bigg Boss or various events, inquiries about his professional worth continue to dominate interactions. Once again, on Bharti and Harsh’s podcast, Ori unmasked the price tag attached to his photographic endeavors.

During the podcast, Ori engaged in a candid exchange, offering glimpses into both his personal and professional spheres. When Bharti inquired about his perceived value, Ori playfully retorted, “Do I appear thrifty?” Subsequently, when Harsh probed about his fee for a photograph, Ori disclosed a figure of Rs 20 lakh. Nevertheless, Ori emphasized that he extends his generosity to fans, offering photographs free of charge. Conversely, for appearances at shows or events, his rate stands at Rs 25 lakh. Harsh and Bharti were visibly taken aback by this revelation from Ori.

Furthermore, Ori divulged his penchant for revelry during the podcast, expressing a fondness for vibrant social gatherings. He readily accepts invitations to parties, relishing the ambiance of music, dance, and sartorial elegance.