Lakhimpur Kheri News: Heat is spoiling health… OPD crossed 1200

Lakhimpur Kheri. Fire raining from the sky has brought the temperature to a boil. The number of patients reaching the district hospital has also increased amid the scorching heat. On Tuesday, 1203 patients registered in OPD. Most of them were suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cough and skin diseases.
Due to Bakrid holiday on Monday, the number of patients in the OPD of the district hospital was less. On Tuesday, there was a queue of patients in the hospital since morning. 1203 patients were registered at the prescription counter. Patients with old prescription also reached the hospital. The highest number were patients suffering from vomiting, diarrhea and fever and cough. A large number of patients suffering from headache and stomach ache also reached the hospital. Patients suffering from cough and sore throat said that the problem has persisted for many days. District Hospital Physician Dr. Shikhar Vajpayee said that more patients are coming with body ache and fever. There is a need to take precautions in summer. Drink plenty of water. Wear cotton and loose-fitting clothes. Avoid eating fried food. Go out in the sun only when absolutely necessary. If you go out, cover your head with a cloth. Dhangadhi. Due to the scorching heat for several days, crops are drying up due to the rising temperature in the Terai region including Dhangadhi, while the number of patients in the hospital is also increasing. After many years, the number of patients has increased due to high temperature in the hilly districts. According to the Water and Meteorological Department Ataria Kailali office, the mercury in Dhangadhi was 44.01 degrees on Tuesday. It has been so hot in Dhangadhi after 29 years. On June 16, 1995, the temperature in Dhangadhi was 46.4 degrees. On Tuesday, the temperature in Dadeldhura, which is hilly and snow covered, was 32.8. People had to endure the heat of 41.8 degrees in Dipayal and 31.2 degrees in Pokhara. Dr. Qamar of Seti Hospital said that the number of patients has increased in summer.