Udhampur News: Three health teams formed for the three-day Sudhamhadev fair.

Udhampur. A three-day fair will be organized in Sudhamhadev of Chinaini tehsil from June 21. Administrative preparations are going on for this. The health department has completed preparations on Tuesday. The department will organize three health check-up camps at three places in the fair for the convenience of the devotees, for which three teams have been formed. In these, 25 paramedical staff including doctors will provide services.
All three teams will organize medical camps in Sudhamhadev, Gaurikund and Mantalai on June 20. Due to the increasing heat, a large crowd of pilgrims is seen at these three places. Because, devotees reach Gaurikund, Sudhamhadev and Mantalai for darshan. In this regard, Deputy CMO Dr. Yasin said that the department has formed three teams for the three-day fair, which will organize health check-up camps at three places. Arrangements for doctors, paramedical staff and ambulances have also been made in these camps. On June 20, the teams will set up camp at the designated place. These camps are being organized for the convenience of the devotees.