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If you are going to a crowded place, save yourself in this way, always follow these safety points

Hathras Hadsa: The news of the death of hundreds of people in the recent stampede in the Satsang in Hathras (Hathras Stampede) has scared people badly. If seen, there are many types of events where there is a huge crowd. In such a situation, a stampede can occur. Therefore, it is important to understand that if a stampede situation arises at any place, how can you save your life and the life of your family (how to save life in Stampede). Let us tell you about some such ways today, so that you can keep yourself safe during a stampede anytime.

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Adopt these safety tips during stampede | Tips to be followed in stampede
From time to time, such programs keep happening where a large number of people are present. In such a situation, if a stampede occurs, then one should act calmly. You do not need to panic or be disappointed at that time. If you panic in such a situation, your mind will not be able to think of escaping and you will join the crowd. There is no need to become a part of the crowd. At this time, you have to be patient and think about how to keep yourself safe.
If there is a stampede, do not try to run against the crowd even by mistake. Start walking in the direction of the crowd. Keep your feet firmly on the ground. Instead of keeping your feet together, stand with your feet slightly apart so that your grip on the ground is strong and you do not fall on the ground if you are pushed.

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In case of a stampede, instead of pushing and jostling, you should find a place which is safe as soon as possible. Keep your hands on your chest and keep walking continuously.
Keep trying to find a safe place, look for a wall, pole or any corner around you, as soon as you find them, stand leaning on them. If you have small children with you, it is wise to immediately pick them up in your lap.
In a stampede, those people get injured more who fall down due to the push of the crowd. In such a situation, try not to fall on the ground. If you still fall, first of all protect the weak and sensitive parts of your body from getting hurt.

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Cover your head with your hands. If there is a child with you, cover your body over him. Try to stay on your back instead of straight.