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Weight Loss Diet: With this diet plan, the woman lost 35 kg of weight, included these things from breakfast to food

Weight Loss Diet Plan: Obesity has become a serious problem in today’s time, due to which many people are troubled and when this obesity increases a lot, it gives rise to many diseases. This can cause diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems and other diseases. In such a situation, if you want to maintain a healthy weight and want to take a healthy diet, then we tell you such a diet plan with which a woman lost not 10-20 but 35 kg of weight, so let’s also take note of this diet plan.

With this diet plan, the woman lost 35 kg of weight

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On the page named reenasinghfitness on Instagram, a woman has shared her fitness journey, in which she told what thing she included in the diet, due to which she lost 35 kg of weight. Earlier this woman used to weigh 100 kg, but she lost 35 kg and now she has become 65 to 60 kg.

She told that first of all she drinks a glass of water after waking up in the morning. After some time she boils cumin seeds in water and consumes it, takes black coffee before workout and consumes upma in liquid form after workout. After this, between three to four o’clock she consumes any seasonal fruit like apple, pomegranate or orange and between 5 to 6 she takes coffee, tea or green tea, but uses jaggery instead of sugar in it. In dinner she consumes milk and muesli and eats it before 7:00.

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Diet has an important role in fitness journey

The video of this woman who has gone from fat to fit is going viral on social media and thousands of people have liked it so far. Some are taking fitness motivation from her, while some are also trying to know her workout plan. Let us tell you that it is very important to manage the diet along with the workout, because unless you take a healthy diet, your body will not get energy and you can workout only with the right energy. You can include weight lifting, cardio, jogging, running, cycling, swimming etc. in your workout.