How a lot soil did China’s ‘Chandrayaan’ convey from the moon, what is going to Chinese language scientists do with it?

Beijing: China has collected greater than 4 kilos of soil from the far facet of the moon. That is the primary time in human historical past {that a} lunar pattern has come to Earth from this southernmost level of the moon. In keeping with the China Each day newspaper report, the Chang’e 6 robotic lunar lander returned to Earth final week. By this, 1.953 kg (or about 4.3 kilos) of samples have been introduced again from that a part of the moon, which is completely away from our planet. Many massive revelations are anticipated from this soil.

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Moon samples are completely different from earlier than

Ji Ping, a senior area official overseeing China’s lunar packages, mentioned after an unveiling ceremony that the samples look like “thicker and stickier” than the samples collected from the close to facet of the moon. He mentioned that there are some “lumps” in them. The Chang’e 6 mission was the primary mission to gather samples from the far facet of the moon. This half stays darkish more often than not and daylight doesn’t attain. We can not even see this a part of the moon from Earth.

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China has accomplished this feat for the second time

That is the second time that China has introduced soil samples from the moon to Earth. Earlier in 2019, China grew to become the primary nation on the earth to land on the hilly far facet of the moon with the Chang’e 4 rover mission. By this mission, China introduced samples from the floor of the moon for the primary time. In such a state of affairs, China’s area expertise has now developed like main international locations like America and Russia.