Apple gave a shock to the users, there will be no support for three products including this iPhone

Apple has given a shock to millions of users by including its three popular devices in the vintage list. Inclusion in the vintage list means that no security updates will be released by Apple for these Apple devices. Not only this, no parts will be available for these devices now. Apart from iPhone, Apple has put its AirPods and HomePod in this vintage list. The company puts those devices in the vintage list, which have not been sold for the last 5 years and have been launched at least 7 years ago.

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iPhone X included in vintage list

Apple has now put the iPhone X launched in 2017 in the vintage list. This was the first iPhone, which came with a notch display feature. It had a 5.8-inch display and its price in India was Rs 89,000. For the first time, the company had given features like Super Retina OLED display, True Theft camera in this iPhone. This Apple phone came with the A11 Bionic chip. This was the company’s first phone, which was launched with a neural engine. Also, Apple gave it a stainless steel frame and glass back panel.

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Apple has also put the first generation of its AirPods in the vintage list. Launched in 2016, this TWS has a custom designed W1 chip. This chip helps in faster pairing of the device. Apart from this, optical and motion sensors have been given in it. Not only this, Apple has also included its first generation HomePod in the vintage list.

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Apple is going to launch the iPhone 16 series in September this year. This new iPhone series will come with many upgraded features in many ways compared to its previous series. This series of Apple will be launched with bigger display and AI features.