Is this mummy really of an alien? The claims made in the new research have blown the world’s mind

In 2017, in a remote area of ​​South America, some farmers found mummies of creatures that, according to human imagination, were like aliens. There was a discussion all over the world that alien mummies have been found in South America.

However, in January this year, when the forensic experts of the Peruvian prosecutor’s office examined them, they said that these mummies found in the Nazca area were made of paper, glue, metal and human and animal bones. But now a new research done on these mummies says that they were a biological organism. Now the question arises that if they were a biological organism, then who were they? Were they a new species of humans? Or were they really aliens from another world? Let us tell you about it in detail.

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What kind of mummy is this?

When these mummies were found in 2017, research on them revealed that the skulls of these creatures were long and they had only three fingers on their hands. Later, it was said about these mummies that they are old dolls made from the bones of animals of this planet and by mixing modern synthetic glue. But now the research done in Ica, Peru, has said things different from the old research. This is the reason why the world is now surprised to read about the new reports.

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What does the new research say?

The new research has been done by researchers at St. Aloysius Gonzaga National University, a scientific institute in Ica, Peru. According to the report of this research, these specimens are not dolls, but human like humans. Researchers say that these creatures do not have eyes. Their head is much larger than that of humans.

At the same time, the ears are small or almost nonexistent. While the hair on their body is also very less. Overall, tomographic imaging analysis has shown that the specimen is a human-like body whose biological structure is similar to that of humans. However, scientists cannot say yet whether this mummy is of an alien or a new species of humans. More research will be done on this. Only after this will it be known whether these creatures were found on Earth or they came to Earth from somewhere outside.