The entire market is full of fake litchis and watermelons, you can identify them with just Rs 2

Due to the scorching heat, litchis and watermelons are selling a lot in the market these days. But do you check whether these fruits are edible or not before bringing them home. Actually, these days the market is full of such litchis and watermelons, which can harm your health if eaten. If you eat these fake fruits for a long time, you can become a victim of serious diseases. Let us tell you how you can find out with just Rs 2 before buying these fruits whether they are correct or not.

She, the forest home gardener - Vikalp Sangam

Fake litchi and watermelon

Fake here does not mean that these fruits are made of plastic or rubber. Nor does it mean that they have been prepared in a lab. We are calling these fruits fake because they are being ripened in the wrong way and harmful colors are being used to make them look beautiful and red.

Actually, adulterators are putting red color in watermelons with syringes to make them look red from inside. Along with this, they are using sugar syrup to make them sweet. Similarly, these people are also painting green litchis with red spray color so that they look ripe. To make litchis sweet, small holes are made in them and they are put in sugar syrup and then after some time they are taken out and sold.

Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture

How to detect them

If any fruit has been mixed with color, then you can detect it with a thing of just 2 rupees. You just have to buy cotton worth 2 or 5 rupees and then rub it on the litchi. If it has been colored then the color of the cotton will turn red. Similarly, you first have to cut the watermelon and then rub it with cotton. If the watermelon has been mixed with color then the cotton will turn red. Whereas, if the color is not mixed then the color of the cotton will be very light pink.