Best Horror Games: 5 best ghost games of India, after playing which you will feel scared in real life too

Top ghost games of all time: India’s gaming industry is growing very fast. Here the number of games is also increasing and the number of gamers playing them is also increasing. On the one hand, battle royale games like BGMI, Free Fire Max and COD Mobile have made a place in the hearts of gamers. At the same time, apart from these, there are many games which have created a ruckus in the gaming industry.

Haunted games of India

Some of those games are also capable of scaring gamers. Actually, these are some of the best ghostly i.e. horror games of India. If you also like to watch horror things, then let us tell you about the top-5 ghostly games of India, after playing which you will not only have fun but will also feel very scared.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent
This is one of the top ghostly games available in India, which gives a unique experience to scare gamers. In this, you get great gaming design, gameplay, horror graphics, challenging puzzles and overall a great experience. In this game, you have to use your intelligence to go inside the scary house and try to find out the secrets.

Lone Survivor
The name of the second game in this list is Lone Survivor. From the name of this game itself, you must have understood that in this gamers try to survive themselves. In this 8-bit side-scroller game, you have to try to break down mentally and save your life. This game is famous for its unique story and scary atmosphere.

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Alien Isolation
The third game in this list is Alien Isolation. In this game, the real alien takes you to the scary environment of a film. In this game too, you get unique graphics and a very scary atmosphere. In this game too, you have to try to save yourself along with the alien.

Dead Space 2
The name of the fourth scariest game in this list is Dead Space 2. This game connects you with the story of going inside a scary house. In this too, you have to try to save life in a scary world with unique horror graphics, exciting campaign, and.

IMSCARED: A Pixelated Nightmare
This is the last game on this list and one of the scariest games. This is a game that will scare you even in the real world. That is why it is one of the scariest games. In this game, you have to roam around in a low-res environment, find keys and try to escape from a nightmare.

These five games on our list are one of the best horror games in India. You can improve your horror experience by playing this game. However, we would advise you not to play these games if you have heart disease, your heart is weak or you cannot see such things, because it can also prove to be dangerous for you.