Squad Skywing event going on in Free Fire Max, know how to get these 8 awesome gaming items for free

Free Fire Squad Skywing Event: If you play Free Fire Max, then you must know about Faded Wheel. Garena, the developer company of Free Fire Max, releases Faded Wheel almost every month, under which the company organizes some events. Through these events, gamers are sure to get some reward i.e. new gaming item.

Free Fire Max Faded Wheel Event
This time in Faded Wheel, Garena is organizing some special events like Stormer Ring, Train For Animation, Squad Skywing, Final Shot Ring, Evo Parafal, Weapon Royale. We told you about Final Shot Ring in the previous article. Now in this article we are going to tell you about Squad Skywing.

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It has been 5 days since this event started and it is going to run till tomorrow i.e. 10th July. In such a situation, if you want to ensure a solid reward through this event, then listen carefully to the things we are telling you.

Squad Skywing Rewards List

Multiplayer Skywing – Lore Train Skin

Scythe – Anemo Limelight Skin

Bronze Altar Loot Box

Lighting Strike Weapon Loot Crate

Bumblebee Weapon Loot Crate

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Star Bomb

2x Magic Cube Fragment

3x Supply Crate

3x Armor Crate

3x Pet Food

In this list of rewards, gamers will have to remove two rewards that they do not want to get. After that, they will have to spin for the remaining items in the reward list, for which diamonds will have to be spent.

How to claim these items?

To claim these gaming items, gamers have to first open Free Fire Max.

After that, login with your Free Fire Max ID.

Now gamers have to go to the Luck Royale section.

There gamers will see the option of Squad Skywing, click on it.

Now gamers have to remove two such items which they do not want.

Now gamers have to spin by spending diamonds and then they will get all the rewards.

How much is the cost of spin?

Let us tell you that to get rewards in this event, the price of spin increases with every spin. The cost of the spins is as follows:


Cost of the first spin: 9 diamonds

Cost of the second spin: 19 diamonds

Cost of the third spin: 39 diamonds

Cost of the fourth spin: 69 diamonds

Cost of the fifth spin: 99 diamonds

Cost of the sixth spin: 149 diamonds

Cost of the seventh spin: 199 diamonds

Cost of the eighth spin: 499 diamonds

Thus, gamers will have to spend a total of 1082 diamonds for the spins and after that they will get the items mentioned above.