Top-5 gamers and content creators of Free Fire Max, from Ajju Bhai to Techno Gamerz, know full details

Free Fire Max: In the olden days, online games were not very popular in India. At that time, the gaming industry used to be dominated by western countries, but now it is not so. Now India is also not behind anyone in the gaming industry. Now Indian gamers have started making their mark all over the world. This is the reason why India’s gaming industry has seen a huge boom in the last few years.

Top-5 names of the gaming industry

Millions of gamers of India have contributed a lot in taking the Indian gaming industry forward, who first improved their skills by playing games and then taught the same games to not only other gamers but also earned lakhs, crores and even billions of rupees through social media platforms like YouTube.

Let us introduce you to some such special gamers of India, who have boosted the Indian gaming industry by playing and teaching Free Fire, Free Fire Max and many such games. In this article, we have included the top-5 creators who create content for Free Fire Max as well as other games.

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1. Total Gaming (Ajay – Ajju Bhai)

Subscribers: 42.4 million

Total videos: 504

Total views: 4,317,239,164 i.e. about 4 billion, 31 crores

Ajju Bhai has made a place in the hearts of his audience through various games along with Free Fire. He started uploading gaming content on YouTube on 9 October 2018. Along with playing Free Fire Max, Ajju Bhai also plays games like Call of Duty, PUBG, BGMI, GTA 5.

2. Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal Chaurasia)
Subscribers: 41.1 million
Total videos: 1,043
Total views: 12,006,678,911 i.e. around 12 billion, 66 lakhs
One of the top list of gaming creators in India is Ujjwal Chaurasia, whose channel is named Techno Gamerz. Ujjwal Chaurasia started this YouTube channel on 13 August 2017. He has attracted the audience of Free Fire and Free Fire Max as well as gamers of other games.

3. Desi Gamers (Amit Sharma)

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Subscribers: 15.5 million
Total videos: 1,420
Total views: 2,465,653,316 i.e. around 2 billion, 46 crores
Amit Sharma, who is known online as Amit Bhai. Amit Sharma started his YouTube channel i.e. Desi Gamers on 11 May 2015. From that time till now, i.e. for about 9 years, he has been making gaming content. Gaming content of Free Fire and Free Fire Max has given him a lot of popularity.

Two Side Gamers (Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka)
Subscribers: 12.6 million
Total videos: 2,497
Total views: 2,406,451,282 i.e. about 2 billion, 40 crores
This channel is run by two gamers Ritik “TSG Ritik” Jain and Jash “TSG Jash” Dhoka together, hence the name of this channel is Two Side Gamers. They started their channel on 19 September 2018. From that time till today, both of them have been making many videos of Free Fire and Free Fire Max, due to which they are also getting the love of gamers.

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Helping Gamer (Sarfaraz Ahmed)
Subscribers: 7.87 million
Total videos: 1,734
Total views: 666,188,232 i.e. around 66 crore 61 lakhs
Sarfaraz Ahmed started this channel on 3 September 2018, which was named Helping Gamer. As per his name, Sarfaraz has been helping millions of gamers in India and the world through his amazing videos.