A big twist in the US presidential election, Joe Biden may be out of the election race; then this face will be in front of Trump

Washington: The biggest news is coming out before the presidential election to be held in America on November 5. Joe Biden, who lagged behind in the presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden a few days ago, may now be out of the US presidential election race. Biden’s age, who lost the presidential debate, is also an important reason for his exit from the election race. Hawaii Governor Josh Green, who recently attended a meeting with President Joe Biden and governors of other states, said that Biden will decide in a day or two whether he wants to remain in the presidential election contest or not.

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Kamala Harris can be the Democratic candidate if Biden withdraws

Green told ‘The Associated Press’ on Saturday that he believes that if Biden decides to drop out of the election race, he will nominate Vice President Kamala Harris in his place as the Democratic Party’s candidate in the election. He said that if the President feels that he will not actually win the election, he will drop out of the race. Green said, “We will probably know in a day or two what the President thinks.” Biden’s popularity falls However, Biden has said many times that he will remain in the contest against his Republican Party rival and former President Donald Trump in the presidential election. Let us tell you that Biden’s (81) popularity rating has fallen after his poor performance in the debate with former President Donald Trump on June 27 in Atlanta as part of the presidential election process, after which some leaders of his own party have started urging him to drop out of the presidential election race.