It is so hot in America! Know where the chaos is; the mercury has crossed 50 degrees

Los Angeles: These days, America is witnessing a severe heat wave. In many parts, fire is pouring from the sky. Meanwhile, the temperature in Death Valley National Park in California, America, reached 53.3 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Due to the scorching heat, a tourist who reached Death Valley died, while another had to be hospitalized. Officials have given information about this. The park management issued a statement saying that both the tourists were part of a group of six youths who were passing through the Badwater Basin area on a motorcycle.

Mercury in parts of Delhi soars to nearly 50 degrees Celsius | Latest News  Delhi - Hindustan Times

Heat breaks records in America
The statement said, “The deceased has not been identified. The other motorcyclist has been admitted to a hospital in Las Vegas due to “severe heat stroke”. According to the statement, four other members of the group were treated on the spot. Park official Mike Reynolds said, “Such extreme heat can pose a threat to health.” This case of death due to extreme heat has come to light at a time when the temperature in America has broken all records.

The Meteorological Department had warned

Extreme temperatures are being seen in many parts of America this year. The Meteorological Department had already warned people living in the central and eastern regions to be prepared for hot winds. This time the people of America are experiencing the highest heat in the last several decades. American officials have also asked people to be cautious in view of the heat.

With mercury soaring to 50 degree Celsius, the heat is on! -

Lincoln’s statue had melted

Remind that, recently a shocking picture had emerged from Washington DC due to the heat. Here the six feet high wax statue of former President Abraham Lincoln had melted. Due to melting, the shape of Lincoln’s statue was completely spoiled. Due to the heat, the head of Lincoln’s statue had melted and separated from the torso. Pictures of melted statues of Abraham Lincoln went viral on social media.