Talk of age decline at the top of power on the pretext of Biden and Trump

This time, whoever wins the election, be it Biden or Donald Trump, will be the oldest president in American history.

Four decades ago, when Ronald Reagan was elected US President, he was 69 years old. When he retired after his second term, he was 77 years old.

By the way, there has been a tradition of elderly people working in America, according to the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 lakh people above 75 years of age are still working in America.

World leaders are aging. Trump and Biden are still significantly older. -  Washington Post

The agency estimates that by 2032, the number of such people will increase to 33 lakh. Not only this, at least four chief executive officers in America’s top 500 companies are older than these two candidates for the US presidency.

Last October, the American newspaper USA Today and Suffolk University conducted a survey among one thousand American voters.

A few years ago, the New York Times and CBS also conducted a survey among American voters in which 52 percent of the people said that the presidential candidate should not be above 50 years of age.

Donald Trump: Biography, U.S. President, Businessman

America’s senior columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Anna Quindlen compared the tendency of American leaders to contest presidential elections at an older age to the efforts of women to give birth to a child after the age of 50.

In her words, ‘This desire can be understood and it is perhaps possible too. But considering all the facts, can it be called wisdom?