Democrats’ eyes are on Kamala Harris, but will she be able to defeat Trump?

US Vice President Kamala Harris was talking about her life story on Saturday afternoon.

At a Black cultural festival organized in the city of New Orleans, Kamala Harris told what she achieved in the White House.

This was an event where America’s first female, black and South Asian origin Vice President has often gone during her three and a half years tenure as President Biden’s deputy.

Kamala Harris Vs. Donald Trump may be better for Dems, poll shows

On such occasions, a small part of the team of journalists covering the US President usually accompanies her.

But in Washington, a thousand miles away from New Orleans, Democrats, alarmed by Biden’s disappointing performance in the debate against Republican candidate Donald Trump, have started considering the option of replacing 81-year-old Joe Biden as the party’s candidate for the presidential elections to be held in November, the number of journalists covering Vice President Kamala Harris has increased to dozens.