US Heat Wave: If you leave the house, you will get burnt… ‘Heat stroke lockdown’ in many cities of America

Heat wave in America: People in America are troubled by the scorching heat at this time. Fire is raining from the sky in cities like California, Texas, Florida. The temperature has crossed 43 degrees Celsius. The situation is worse in Death Valley of California. The temperature here can reach 54 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The heat in these cities of America is like burning when you leave the house. Heat stroke lockdown has been imposed in many cities.

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People have been forbidden to leave the house from 9 am to 6 pm. 10 crore people are at risk of this scorching heat. Death Valley of California has experienced such heat before. Texas, Florida and Arizona have been experiencing severe heat for the last several weeks. The mercury in Phoenix is ​​around 47-48 degrees. There is no relief in these cities even at night. The temperature remains 32-33 degrees Celsius even at night.

Mercury may reach 54 degrees in California on Sunday

According to the forecast of the National Weather Service, the temperature in Death Valley, California, may reach 54 degrees Celsius on Sunday. This can be recorded as the highest temperature on earth. This has happened only a few times. In 2020 also, the mercury reached around 54 degrees here. Let us tell you that the all-time global record is 56 degrees Celsius. The same temperature was recorded in Furnace Creek in 1913. In 1931, a temperature of 55 degrees was recorded in Tunisia.

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Elderly and young children advised to be cautious

Elderly people, young children and people with health problems have been alerted. They have been asked to pay special attention to them. They have been advised to stay at home. Let us tell you that this wave has been described as very dangerous and people have been advised to be careful. Let us tell you that before this heatwave, at least 12 people have died due to heat in Maricopa County of Phoenix this year and 425 people had died last year.