US: Minorities in India are safer than in America, former Vice President said – Secularism is in our blood

Former Vice President of the country M. Venkaiah Naidu has given a big statement about minorities in Washington, America. He said that minorities in India are safer than America. Because secularism is in the blood of Indians. In fact, the National Council of Asian Indian Associations organized a program in honor of Venkaiah Naidu in Greater Washington DC.

M. Venkaiah Naidu said that a section of Western media is involved in creating an atmosphere against India regarding minorities. He said that the media also became a part of the confusion being spread about the safety of minorities. Venkaiah Naidu said that I want to assure everyone that minorities in India are much safer than in America.

Minorities more safe, secure in India than in US: ex-VP Venkaiah Naidu |  Minorities more safe, secure in India than in US: ex-VP Venkaiah Naidu

Safety and respect of minorities

Former Vice President Naidu said that when we compare what is happening in India and what is going on in other countries. Then you will see how people are being discriminated against in other countries. Venkaiah Naidu said that India has always taken care of the safety and respect of its minorities.

Kashmir is an integral part of India

He said that those who did not want to live in India or wanted to go to Pakistan have already left the country. Those who wanted to live in India are living here before independence and even after that. At the same time, the former President described Kashmir as a part of India. He said that it is an integral part of our country.

Approval to build first Hindu temple in Britain

According to the information received from media reports, approval has been given to build the first Hindu temple in the city of Oxford, Britain. Its approval has been given by the City Council of Oxford. It is being told that a sports pavilion will be converted into a Hindu temple here. Along with this, a community center will also be built.

Gita gets important post

According to media reports, US Vice President Kamala Harris has given an important post to Indian-American Geeta Rao Gupta. Geeta Rao was sworn in as Ambassador at Large for global issues related to women in the Ministry of External Affairs. In the election for this post, he got 51 votes against 47 in the Senate.