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A developed country where a car is stolen every five minutes

One morning in October 2022, when Logan LaFerniere woke up, he saw that the place where his ‘Ram Rebel Truck’ used to be parked was empty.

His new car was missing. Logan’s house is in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

When he looked at the security camera, he saw how two people wearing hoodies enter the pickup in the dark of the night and easily take away the car.

A few months later, the same car was seen on a website of cars available for sale in Ghana. Ghana is about 8,500 kilometers across the sea from Logan’s house. Logan was completely sure that this car was his.

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A car stolen every five minutes
This story of Logan LaFerniere is not the only one. In the year 2022, 105,000 cars were stolen in Canada. That means one car every five minutes.

The victims include Canada’s federal justice minister himself. His government car, Toyota Highlander XLE, was stolen twice by thieves.

A few months ago, Interpol released a list.

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This list had 137 countries that are considered the worst in terms of car theft. Canada is among the top 10 countries in this list.

According to an Interpol spokesperson, this is noteworthy because Canada started sharing car theft data with Interpol only in February.

Officials say that when these cars are stolen, they are either used for violent crimes, or sold to other people in Canada or these cars are sent to other countries.

Interpol says that since February till now it has detected more than 1,500 such cars across the world which have been stolen from Canada. Also, about 200 cars are identified every week at the ports of other countries.