con PM Modi’s meeting with Putin: It was a shock to see the leader of the largest democracy hugging Putin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reacted sharply to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia.

Zelensky has questioned PM Modi’s meeting with Russian President Putin and called it a ‘huge disappointment’.

He wrote on the social media platform X, “This is very disappointing. Seeing the leader of the world’s largest democracy hugging the world’s bloodiest criminal in Moscow on such a day is a huge setback for peace efforts.”

This visit is taking place at a time when dozens of people have been killed in Ukraine due to Russian missile attacks on Monday.

Not only this, this is the time when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization i.e. NATO is meeting in Washington. In such a situation, the media and leaders of the West are raising questions on the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Ukraine's Zelenskyy slams PM Modi for 'hugging' Russian President Putin:  'Devastating blow to…' | Mint

America raised questions

On Monday, the spokesperson of the US State Department expressed his concern about the relationship between India and Russia in response to questions from journalists.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there is pressure on India to keep distance from Russia. On the other hand, India has refused to bow down to these pressures and has not put any ban on defense and other economic relations with its old partner.

Ukraine's Zelenskyy slams Modi-Putin hug, calls its huge 'disappointment',  'devastating blow'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Moscow for the first time after the Russian attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

On the question related to Modi’s visit to Russia, the spokesperson of the US State Department said, “We will look at Modi’s remarks to see what he has discussed during his visit to Russia. But we are clear in this matter that we have concerns about the relations between India and Russia.”

He said, “We hope that India or other countries that are pursuing relations with Russia should make it clear to President Putin that the UN Charter should be respected regarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”