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British PM Keir Starmer’s big announcement, canceled the ‘Rwanda Plan’ to deport migrants

Britain’s newly elected Prime Minister Keir Starmer began his first full day in office on Saturday. In a big decision taken on Saturday, he has announced the cancellation of the Rwanda plan. The PM declared the plan to deport migrants in Rwanda “dead and buried” and called development the “number one mission” of his government. The Labor leader won a landslide victory on Friday and ended 14 years of Conservative rule.

He said he is restless for change and his party has a mandate to do politics differently. PM Keir Starmer started the day with the first meeting of his cabinet, including Britain’s first female finance minister Rachel Reeves and new foreign minister David Lammy.

New UK PM Keir Starmer 'not prepared' to continue Rwanda migrant  deportation plan

He told his top team amid applause and smiles around the cabinet table that we have a lot of work to do, so now we start our work.

After this, in a press conference, he said that he would not go ahead with former Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s controversial plan to send migrants arriving by small boats on the south coast of England to Rwanda. He described this plan as dead and buried.

Keir Starmer spent his first hours in Downing Street appointing his ministerial team. He said that work has already started on accelerating development, saying that he has told his ministers that I expect exactly the same from them in terms of standards, delivery and the trust placed in them by the country, as I do from myself.

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The Starmer government faces many challenges, including a stagnant economy, crumbling public services and families suffering from the crisis of living for many years. He announced full support to NATO and after his appointment, he spoke to US President Joe Biden on the phone. PM Starmer has been congratulated and wished by the heads of state of various countries.