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Entry of Indians in Australia is not easy now, you will have to open your pocket as well as your mind

Indian students have always had a craze for studying abroad. Every year lakhs of students apply for visa to go abroad. Australia is one of the many countries where Indians go for studies every year. But, Australia has now implemented new and strict rules for foreign students. With this new rule, it has become more difficult for foreign students to get visa to study in Australia. It is believed that Indian students will be affected the most by this.

In fact, migration in Australia has increased by 60 percent. Due to this, from July 1, the government has either closed all those routes or made entry difficult, due to which people could reach Australia. Visitor visa and graduate visa holders will no longer be able to apply for onshore student visa. It is believed that some Indians are coming to Australia by stealing i.e. tourist visa but later, they get study visa by taking admission in some college.

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What changes have happened in Australia?

According to the new rule, the processing fee for Australian visa has now more than doubled. The processing fee has increased by about 125 percent. Before the rule came into force, this fee was about Rs 39,546. But now it has been increased to 89,118.

Now students will have to keep more money in savings amount than before to enter Australia. The Australian government has made these new rules mandatory. To qualify for Australian visa, you will have to show savings of at least about Rs 16.2 lakh.

It is necessary to give a language test to get an Australian visa. Not only giving the test but also getting good marks in it is important. This language test is called IELTS. Earlier it was necessary to score 6.0 in this test to get a temporary graduate visa, it has now been increased to 6.5.

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The age of temporary graduate visa i.e. TGV for students has been reduced. According to the new rule of the Australian government, it has now been made 35 years. Earlier the age limit used to be 50 years.

How many students in Australia?

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According to the data, for the session 2023-24, Australia received more than 36,000 applications as compared to last year. At the same time, the number of international students has increased from 30 thousand to more than 150,000 in 2022-23. In the year 2022, a total of more than one lakh Indian students were studying in different institutions of Australia. But, within a year, i.e. in the year 2023, this number had increased to 1.22 lakh. After the strictness of the rules by the Australian government, it will now become more expensive for Indian students to study in the country. According to the census, 9,76,000 Indians live in Australia.